Saturday, August 05, 2017



I am a parent of children at  SJN - Sir John Nelthorpe School in Brigg -  and following discussions with one of the PE teachers  who mentioned that the school was desperately short of cricket equipment I put forward a nomination to the One Family Foundation for £5000 to purchase indoor cricket mats, a cricket cage and a throw down wicket for use by the school, Brigg Cricket Club and other community groups including the Briggensians.
The nomination has been approved and has been put forward to the next stage. Link to the page is below. You will need to register to view the project.
People can register to view the nomination now, however.
Voting starts on 9th August and closes on 6th September - after which the awards will be announced.
This is where I need help. I need to raise awareness and get people to take the time to register and vote. One Family have informed me that the threshold for projects to receive money is usually about 500 votes although this varies from year to year and I would be aiming to get as many votes as possible.
I plan to pull together some short publicity copy which I then need circulating on a regular basis via e-mail and social media to as many people as possible who are willing to take 5 minutes to register to vote and secure the funding for the school and wider community which given the present state of cricket facilities in Brigg we desperately need. Anyone can vote provided that they are at least 18 years old.
I wondered if you would be able to gather any support through your contacts.

N.F. ADDS: This topic is one deserving the support of Brigg Blog followers. So please spend a minute or two doing what Helen requests.

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