Saturday, August 05, 2017


The organisation that plans and buys health services in North Lincolnshire is launching a new group to make sure it fully involves patients and members of the public in its future plans.
NHS North Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is looking for local people to join the new Patient and Community Assurance Group (PCAG) to help make a real difference to the way local NHS services are developed and improved.
Local health and care organisations are working closely together to tackle some of the big issues currently facing the NHS in order to ensure safe and quality services remain affordable so they can continue to provide them for future generations.
“Making sure local people are fully aware of and understand what is happening with their NHS services is very important to us,” explained Janice Keilthy, the Lay Member of the CCG Governing Body responsible for Public and Patient Involvement (PPI).
“We always aim to work very closely with staff, patients, stakeholders and members of the public when we plan our services as well as fully consult with our local communities before making any big decisions that involve changing the way they access treatment or care. The PCAG will serve as an independent group that will work with us to make sure we take every opportunity to really involve patients and members of the public in our plans and decisions.
“Because of the current challenges faced by the NHS in North Lincolnshire, there is no better time to get involved and I would encourage anyone with a real interest in health to consider taking up this opportunity.”
You can find more information by visiting where you will also be able to download an expression of interest form.
You can also ring us for this information.
We will carefully consider all of the applications we receive. Once we have received your application we will let you know when we plan to hold some informal interviews to discuss the assurance group and what you feel you could bring to the group.


For more information or for an informal discussion please contact:
Janice Keilthy PPI Lay Member (pictured above).
Sally Czabaniuk, CCG Engagement Manager
Or you can ring 0300 3000 565
The deadline for applications for the Patient and Community Assurance Group is September 8th, 2017  Applications should be sent by email to:
If you would like to get more involved with the work of the CCG but think that perhaps the PCAG would be too much of a commitment, then please consider joining our patient and public network Embrace.

TOP PICTURE - Health Place, off Wrawby Road, Brigg.