Sunday, August 27, 2017


Before Lol - the long-serving Brigg street cleaner – began his rounds, we saw a seagull offering a helping hand early one morning last week.
There was a sizeable portion of discarded pizza on the pavement opposite the old police station and courthouse on Wrawby Road.
The very large gull swooped down but, rather than consume its breakfast where it was,  decided to drag the pizza portion onto the A18.
Within a few seconds a car came along and the bird – wings flapping madly -  only just took off in time to escape becoming a road fatality.
It circled round and perched on a chimney pot on the opposite side of the road, awaiting a break in traffic to  return and gobble up the tasty offering kindly donated by someone who could easily have popped it into one of the litter bins just a few yards away on East Park, near the Tintab shelter.
Later that day we saw a flock of more than 20 gulls circling low over town.
Had they been tipped off about getting a pizza the action by the early bird breakfast seeker we observed earlier?
Food for thought? Worth a Tweet?