Saturday, August 12, 2017


We hear good things about a snack now available at a Brigg pub/restaurant.
It appears that the bite-sized chicken pieces being served up are impressing young customers taken along to the Britannia Inn, on Wrawby Street.

We haven't tried them yet, though we have eaten many a McDonald's nugget in our time and also loved the fare at Simon Ho's fried chicken takeaway, on Bridge Street, when it was operating.
It's something of a surprise that  famous and renowned fast food restaurant chain
McDonald's has never opened an outlet in Brigg.
Just a stone's throw from the Brit, the Kebabish takeaway deserves a mention in despatches.
Having ordered a post-pub visit portion of chips to munch during the walk home, we took a fancy to some tasty coleslaw on display in the cold cabinet.
They added a portion for us - at no extra charge.
Howzat for customer service enjoyed by a hungry retired cricketer!
On the topic of good service, we've just used the Brian's DIY handyman service for the first time.
Having ordered an item through the town centre shop, they kindly arranged for someone to come round and fit it.
For us this was a case of a business going the extra half-mile for a customer, rather than the extra mile!

PICTURED: A close-up of a Kebabish kebab.