Sunday, August 13, 2017


Many sportsmen and women in Brigg used a facility in the town that has recently been reduced to rubble.
Seeing the fenced off demolition site on Friday set us thinking about the times we visited the sports hall/design centre off Grammar School Road.
Its removal from the sporting scene follows the building of the new Vale Academy premises, replacing buildings erected in the late 1950s to create the Glanford and Westmoor Secondary Modern Schools which became Brigg Secondary (in the 1970s) and then Vale of Ancholme.
The sports hall/design centre was erected in the late 1960s or early 1970s.

Brigg Town Cricket Club used to have winter net sessions there for some years.
We also recall undertaking a bit of indoor hockey training there with the Brigg men's club when a prolonged snowy spell made the grass pitches at The Rec unplayable.
Not our sports but wasn't it also used for league basketball and netball?
The removal of the sports hall building is another chapter in the changing face of Brigg.
Directly opposite, on Grammar School Road, the Ancholme Inn (built in the early 1960s) was demolished in recent years, to be replaced by new homes.
Next to the Ancholme Inn was Ernie Robinson's convenience shop (later Reid's) which made way for housing some years ago.
The chippie - at the corner of Grammar School Road and Preston Drive - is still in business and serving a tasty 'one of each'.
However, apart from the takeaway, this small area of the town has changed entirely.


Ken Harrison said...

The demolished buildings on the Redcombe Lane site have been replaced by enormous mounds of earth - moved by tectonic forces of conveys of lorries and now competing with the Hymalayian foothills....I'm almost certain that if one tries to scale them, frostbite and altitude sickness will follow!
It will be interesting to see what these
features will become....and in these present weather conditions, we may see glaciers forming on their upper slopes, U-shaped valleys and voluminous waterfalls..Who said Lincolnshire was flat! Brigg's got its own mountain range......

Ken Harrison said...

Perhaps we should called it Little Switzerland...skiing in the winter...cable cars from the Market Place to the summits, wine growing on their southern slopes and a paradise for the rich and famous....just a thought!