Friday, June 30, 2017



I am one of the members of the Brigg Royal British Legion and would like to inform you about the new Royal British Legion Veterans Gateway.
We are the local North Lincolnshire ‘Touch Point’ where local people can access information, help and support for veterans and their families and there as a follow up if they need  support.
The point of the Veterans Gateway is a ONE POINT of contact for all requests for help and/or support for all those who have served no matter when or for how long.
One of the problems that younger veterans have is they do not class themselves as veterans so find it difficult to engage; the older veterans, like many older persons, let pride get in their way, but, hey! we all served and are a part of a team.
Over many years when we had Royal British Legion clubs across the country and we had a community, the support was normally locally sourced and locally provided; alas, over time for many reasons, these clubs and pubs have closed where veterans could find comradeship and support.
We are very well aware that warfare has changed and the damage it can do to men who served at the front and notwithstanding that still the service person is not properly prepared for life after combat, and while many do adjust more and more are struggling.
The MoD have tasked the RBL to provide this single point of contact for all requests of help and support, this to speed up and streamline the provision of services.
So far North Lincolnshire Council have been very supportive, giving us space in the library in Brigg on Thursday (Market Day) to increase the potential footfall.
We have discussed about going out into other towns and villages across the whole of North Lincolnshire, as we are aware that some may not be able to travel in to Brigg.
We have also running along side of this  two NAAFI breaks - one at Ashby Bowl and one in the Britannia Inn in Brigg (nothing to do with Breakfast Clubs).
Both are popular and we have helped veterans, widows and ex-service families. The Ashby Bowl NAAFI break is every second Saturday and the Britannia one is at present the last Sunday of the month.
So we have a serious side of support and help and a social one that those who have attended enjoy, all are welcome (Wives/Girlfriends), all you have to do is pay for your own breakfast.

Find out more through this link...

PICTURED ABOVE BY KEN HARRISON, OF BRIGG MATTERS MAGAZINE: Charles Brindley, left, and caseworker Robin Oliver at the National Veterans' Gateway Desk in Brigg Library. They will be present every Thursday, from 10am to 2pm.


Ken Harrison said...

For info....the lady on the poster is a RAF Princess Nursing Service nurse.
The flask on her upper right arm indicates that she is assigned to a casevac plane (Emergency Casualty Evacution) of those aircraft bringing back victims fro war zones.

Ken Harrison said...

Flask should read flash!