Thursday, June 01, 2017


Brigg Blog recently alerted the authorities to a town centre lamp on an ornate metal pole - outside the Buttercross - that was wasting electricity by being on in daylight hours.
After many weeks it was eventually sorted.
Now we have spotted another that is burning brightly - in daylight.
It is near the railway station - see picture - and within sight of North Lincolnshire Council's Hewson House offices.
We think the council erected the light to illuminate the approach to the station, which is to be applauded.
But if the permanently on light turns out to be within the remit of one of the train companies, we trust the local authority will alert rail bosses accordingly.
We spied the switched-on lamp on a very bright afternoon while visiting Westrum Lane - hundreds of yards away.
Let's lower the carbon footprint by amending the timing.

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Friends of the Brigg Line said...

They are on timers, think they come on in the afternoon and go out off at Midnight or something like that.