Wednesday, June 07, 2017


We've had a positive response to our suggestion that Brigg ought to introduce an annual show, fete or gala.
A well-known Brigg resident with a sporting pedigree has been in touch to pledge his support when it comes to the organisation.
However, someone else has questioned whether the revamped Rec Ground, with its additional courts, is now big enough to stage such an event.
We are going to flag up our suggestion to Brigg Town Business Partnership, Brigg Town Council and our Brigg & Wolds representatives on North Lincolnshie Council.
Perhaps an exploratory public meeting might be considered.
The ball is now in the community's court!
For a few years the Residents' Community Group - based on the Springbank housing estate - held this kind of event.
We are going to suggest a Saturday afternoon in July next year with the Brigg round town shoppers' bus rescheduled via Brigg railway station so Paul Johnson's Friends of the Brigg Line visitors from North Notts and North East Lincs can join in the fun.

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