Friday, June 09, 2017


A couple who are hitting the national newspaper headlines by undertaking  a very unusual cross-Britain marathon will be coming to Brigg tomorrow, Saturday, June 10.
They will be arriving at our railway station on a train at 9.26am as they seek to call at every one of the 2,000 plus that remain on the national network.
Geoff Marshall and Vicky Pipe are from London and making a film documentary as they take trains to 2,563 stations in three months.
They have to come to Brigg on a Saturday because that is the only day of the week that our town has a Saturday service
Our thanks go to Paul Johnson, of the campaigning Friends of the Brigg Line group, for flagging up the duo's forthcoming visit.
Had Geoff and Vicky been undertaking their trip before Dr Beeching's Reshaping of British Railways unveiled in 1963 they might well have taken six months to complete their quest, rather than three.
However, he spared the Brigg line and permitted us to keep a meaningful passenger service seven days a week.
Yes, even on Sundays!

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