Friday, March 03, 2017


Brigg Blog was particularly pleased to see a shopping trip to our town being advertised online by a coach company based well outside this area.
Coopers Tours Ltd is organising a coach to bring shoppers from Grimsby to Brigg on Thursday, March 30.
In addition to visiting Brigg Garden Centre on the edge of town, as many coach trips do, this one will also be taking in "Brigg on Market Day."
The cost is £10 and we hope it proves to be very well patronised.
Brigg Garden Centre, on Bigby High Road - just over the county boundary in Lincolnshire - is a big attraction, and deservedly so, with much to offer shoppers in addition to garden-related items, including a fine restaurant.
However, this excursion will also give visitors an opportunity to visit Brigg's many niche shops and other businesses. Hopefully we will be able to report many more doing likewise now that the warmer months are coming up.
Brigg Town Business Partnership can't be expected to roll out the red carpet on March 30, but the visitors from Grimsby can expect a warm welcome!
PICTURED: A typically busy scene at Brigg Garden Centre, on Bigby High Road.

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