Sunday, April 25, 2021


Blankets are making an appearance at some Brigg pubs as a result of the current Coronavirus emergency regulations applying to local hostelries.
Pubs across the UK have been allowed to reopen but only for outdoor 'table service' which means that once the sun sets it can get chilly in the beer gardens.
So to keep warm in the evenings, some enterprising customers are taking blankets with them when they venture out.
We saw some being employed last night (Saturday, April 24) when the temperature (a pleasant 18C in the afternoon) dipped down to 6C or 7C.
Caps, woolly hats and heavy-duty coats are also proving popular attire at present for the same reason.
However, from what we've seen over the past couple of weeks since the pubs reopened on a limited basis, many drinkers aged 18 to 30 don't seem to feel the cold as much as those of more senior years.
The Yarborough Hunt, Dying Gladiator and Lord Nelson were all doing good trade in their beer gardens last night, our inquiries revealed.
We were hoping to get a picture or two of people wearing woollies at the Woolpack  but sadly arrived after closing time.

Some of our pubs have installed heaters of various design in their beer gardens for use after dark.
When licensee Bob Nicholson operated his micro-brewery at the Queens Arms many years ago, one of the ales he made to serve to regulars at his Wrawby Street venue was known as Blanket Lifter.