Tuesday, April 06, 2021


One of the oldest pubs in Brigg will be reopening to offer outdoor service next Monday (April 12) which is the first day permitted by the Government following Coronavirus emergency lockdown.
Initial orders can be made at 10am from tables set out in the beer garden at the side of the Dying Gladiator, on Bigby Street.
This beer garden has buildings on two sides and high walls elsewhere which, together with a covered area, provide welcome shelter from the elements in April.
Some general information applicable to local licensed premise has now come Brigg Blog's way - all relevant to those customers planning to make visits from April 12.
Not much has changed in terms of regulations since the last lockdown. It is strictly table service only. Masks are to be worn at all times until customers are seated. This includes when they use the toilet facilities, which are "one in and one out." Anyone queueing for the facilities must adhere to social distancing requirements.
Where possible there will be a one-way system for visitors to licensed premises.
The yardstick is a maximum of six people from two different households per table.
Brigg pub-goers are being advised to download the NHS track and trace mobile phone 'app' if they haven't already done so.
We understand that on-paper registrations may still be employed when people arrive at bars, but this can create additional work for staff who might otherwise be serving drinks. 

The need to register is set out in government guidelines; if a customer refuses, the licensee has the power to decline admission.
Licensed premises in Brigg haven't made the post-lockdown rules but they must enforce them.

PICTURED: The Dying Gladiator with its historic sculpture of a wounded warrior above the front door. The beer garden is located behind the archway on the left.