Monday, April 05, 2021


April snow on Easter Monday 2021 greeted early risers in Brigg when they opened their curtains this morning to take a look at the weather.
Between 6.45am and 7.10am a bit of the white stuff came down before dark clouds passed over.
Snow as late as April 5 is rare but not unprecedented. And further flurries are expected to follow later today.
Forecasts suggest temperatures between 1C and 7C but it will feel even chillier because of the wind.
Chocolate flakes AND snow flakes on Easter Monday!
Only a few days ago the mercury in Brigg rose to 17C - unseasonally warm for early April - but now things have taken a  downward turn.
We recall playing hockey for Brigg in the mid-1980s during a snow shower in late April - our team's final fixture of the season. But that was in Nottingham. On a nearby ground a cricket match was in full swing.
It also snowed in North Lincolnshire that Saturday afternoon. A Scunthorpe Telegraph photographer captured cricketers leaving the field during a sharp shower at a sportsground in the steel town. One of the players seen wearing his whites among the white stuff was a former Brigg Grammar School pupil we knew.
The Great British Weather is a phrase which springs to mind this Spring!