Wednesday, May 29, 2019


Brigg Blog was recently contacted by a local resident who has called on national company J D Wetherspoon to re-think its pub policy which bans dogs (other than guide dogs)  - something that's been in force since the middle of last year, 2018.
Wetherspoon's operates the very popular White Horse pub and restaurant on Wrawby Street.
The man told us: "We are regular customers at the White Horse, Brigg, most frequently in the morning for a coffee.
"Whenever the weather allows we enjoy watching the world go by sat at the tables out the front on Wrawby Street. There is, however, an issue which constantly emerges and perhaps a little publicity may bring a resolution.
"We are not, and have never been, dog owners. However, we have no objection to dogs accompanied by well-behaved owners sitting at tables nearby and have often enjoyed making a fuss of dogs sat at neighbouring tables. Recently, though, notices have appeared on the tables out the front of the pub informing customers that dogs are not welcome anywhere at any Wetherspoon establishment (assistance dogs excepted).
"Indeed, last week we witnessed a staff member confiscating drinks of customers who had not read the notices and who were sat out front with a very well-behaved dog (they did refund their money). "

He agrees that dogs should be banned from the building and the rear beer garden, but adds: "Surely there is a case for allowing them at the tables out the front."
He is not in favour of what he sees as a "blanket ban" on dogs, saying there's a 'no dogs allowed' sign on the outside wall but two others saying 'no smoking' although ashtrays are provided on tables outside and he has not seen any attempt by staff to move customers who light up.
Brigg Blog passed on these comments to the company and Wetherspoon spokesman Eddie Gershon said: “We take on board the comments by the customer, however dogs (apart from guide dogs) have been banned from all Wetherspoon pubs since mid-2018.
“It is not a decision we took lightly. However, not all dogs are well behaved, and we didn’t want any situations in our pubs or gardens where customers without dogs felt uncomfortable.”