Friday, May 17, 2019


 Visitors to Brigg Beer Festival enjoying their pints - May 2019

Brigg Beer Festival 2019 is now under way, and we recommend our blog followers pay a visit.
There's a new venue this year - Brigg & District Servicemen's Club, on Coney Court.
The 29th annual festival - organised by Brigg District Lions - opened last night (Thursday, May 16).
It continues today (Friday) from 7pm to 11.30pm and concludes tomorrow (Saturday) when opening hours will be noon to 11pm.
We recommend popping in to try a few of the many tipples on offer - real ales and ciders.
Having entered the club through the main entrance near the car park, walk past the bar to the concert room which has been set aside for the festival.
Volunteer Lions will then take your £2 entry fee, furnish you with a beer festival glass (£1.50p) and offer £1.80p tokens to be exchanged at the far end of the room for a generous half-pint pulled by the duty bartenders. It's as simple as that!
You will be handed a printed 'Tasting Notes' two-sided sheet which lists all the ales and ciders on offer, with alcoholic strengths, the brewery of origin and a description of the tipple. Take a pen along and tick them off your list as things progress.
Beers on offer include bitters, milds and light ales.
Particularly popular on the opening night were Ossett Brewery's Yorkshire Blonde, Higson's Mild (from Liverpool) and Castle Rock's Screech Owl (Nottingham).
The latter is the strongest ale on offer at 5.5 per cent.
Ciders, provided by Lilley's of Somerset, vary in strength from 4.0 to 7.5.
Brigg Blog usually attends the second night of the festival (Friday) but this year decided to change tack and take in the Thursday session instead.
The club's concert room makes a very suitable venue, with its adjoining set of toilets to use when the drinks begin to take effect.
Proceeds from the festival are in aid of local good causes and Lions' projects. 
When you leave, there's 50p refundable on your glass. Or you can be generous and waive that by way of a donation.
The festival venue is literally a stone's throw from the bus station on Cary Lane, making it ideal for people from Broughton, Castlethorpe and Scawby Brook using Hornsbys bus service to get them to the venue.
Here are a couple of pictures taken on the opening night to give people a flavour of the festival.

Friday, May 17: 7pm to 11.30pm.
Saturday, May 18: 12 noon to 11pm.

Volunteers manning the bar at Brigg Beer Festival at the Servicemen's Club - May 2019

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Ken Harrison said...

Nipped in, had a Higson's Mild...haven't had one for years...the last time was after a Liverpool match when I nipped into a pub on Scottie Road..