Monday, May 27, 2019


A little later than planned, Brigg Blog reports the result of the Euro election. So our apologies for that.
Two in every three voters in North Lincolnshire passed over the chance to vote in the European Parliamentary Election.
It was held on Thursday, May 23 but the results were only announced last night (Sunday).
In the Yorkshire & Humber region, which includes Brigg, the Brexit Party won three seats, electing John Longworth, Lucy Harris and Jake Pugh.
Richard Corbett gained one for the Labour Party, Shaffaq Mohammed one for the Liberal Democrats and Magid Magid one for the Green Party.
Local voting totals for the North Lincolnshire counting area were:
Brexit Party 18,308
Labour Party 4,882
Conservative & Unionist Party 4,475
Liberal Democrats 3,866
Green Party 3,206
UKIP 2,234
Change UK 1,020
English Democrats 481
Yorkshire Party 466
The turnout in North Lincolnshire was 31.4 per cent.
We make no comment on the result or the political implications, but it seems strange in this era  that we've had to wait so long for the result to be declared.
We were late posting our report but it didn't take us three days!