Saturday, May 04, 2019


Here's what is already as an historic picture - the last to be taken of Brigg Town Council before the local authority's numbers were reduced.
Brigg Blog recorded this scene in the Angel Suite on Monday, April 29 - immediately after the authority's final "Full Council" meeting prior to the election held on Thursday, May 2, 2019.
Following a community governance review, the number of seats has now been reduced from 19 to nine.
Brigg Town Council was created in 1974 and is believed to have had 19 members from the start.
From left to right: Town Clerk Dinah Lilley, Coun Sharon Riggall, Coun Jane Gibbons, Coun Penny Smith, Coun Louise Mikkonen, Coun Deb Dunderdale, Coun Ann Eardley, Coun Mike Campion, Town Mayoress Coun Tina Campbell, Coun Nigel Sherwood, Town Mayor Coun Donald Campbell, Deputy Town Mayor Coun Brian Parker, Coun Carl Sherwood, Coun Jane Kitching, Coun Mike Storey, Coun Rob Waltham. The other members were unable to be present at the meeting and tendered their apologies.
The Town Mayor is holding a trophy recently presented by Pancreatic Cancer Action to reflect Brigg's support for the charity.
At the conclusion of the April meeting he thanked councillors and staff for their support during a really enjoyable year.

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