Saturday, May 25, 2019



It's good to see the bunting back in Brigg town centre.
Provided by Brigg Town Council, it adds a nice touch of colour along Wrawby Street within the pedestrianised shopping area and will continue to do so throughout the warmer months of the year.
Sadly, when we paid a visit last Sunday morning to take these pictures we observed some vehicles that had been driven past the signs signifying No Entry.
However, despite it being a sunny day, we are pleased to report that no cyclists were observed flouting the regulations.
Look closely at the picture below and you might be able to spot a CCTV camera surveying the scene on Wrawby Street.
We mention that fact in the hope that it may deter some of those thinking about ignoring the restrictions that are in place for a good reason.
The pedestrian zone is meant to be exactly that.
As we came through the Market Place on Saturday evening, while it was still light, we observed a couple of house martins circling above.
This was our first spring sighting of this bird species, and some national reports suggest fewer martins and swallows have made it back to Britain for 2019.
It's also the time of year for the swooping swifts to pay Brigg a return visit. We hope they've fared better on their long flight back from Africa.

STONE THE CROWS? We've noticed some of these large birds on bird tables in suburban gardens. Bet they didn't leave many crumbs for the smaller species after eating their fill!