Saturday, May 04, 2019


Tackling litter was a topic that dominated Brigg Town Council's April meeting, coming to the fore on a number of occasions.
The need to keep Springs Parade neat and tidy was stressed several times.
Town Clerk Dinah Lilley told councillors their handyman team had undertaken a clean up in this area.
Couns Mike Campion and Ann Eardley mentioned the disappearance of a large litter bin.
Coun Rob Waltham was in favour of contacting a couple of local businesses to request clean-ups around their premises.
Coun Sharon Riggall and Coun Eardley made reference to cigarette ends - discarded outside some town pubs - not being swept up.
Coun Jane Kitching did not feel the town was dirty, but said there were grot spots.
She felt the council should work in partnership with Springs Parade businesses to solve the litter problem.
Coun Kitching also remembered an era when shops swept up outside their premises every morning and every afternoon.
When it came to tackling the problem posed by discarded fag ends, she suggested liaising with the local publicans' group.
Coun Deb Dunderdale said North Lincolnshire Council workers had been in the town, clearing alleys and streets, "but it's just getting messy again."
During the discussions, councillors were surprised to be told that Tesco no longer owns the Springs Parade area, apparently sold on to a company based in Jersey.
Brigg Town Council discovered this after contacting Tesco for action over litter clearing.
Coun Waltham gave an update on litter at the Recreation Ground - an issue raised by a member of the public during the Annual Town Meeting in March.
He reported successful resolution of the problem once football teams had been contacted.
This meeting of Brigg Town Council was held on Monday, April 29 - three days before the election.

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