Sunday, May 26, 2019


 Sarah Hardy - the new landlady of the Woolpack Hotel in Brigg town centre - May 2019

The historic Woolpack pub in Brigg town centre has a new landlady, and Sarah Hardy stresses: It's my kind of town.
That reference to lyrics in a song made famous by Frank Sinatra is fitting because music will continue to be an important feature of the Market Place hostelry during her tenure.
In addition to regular free-to-attend Saturday live music gigs with bands and singers, DJ Stefan is offering weekly Friday night discos from 9pm.
She is also keen to make contact with local bands interested in performing at the Woolpack during the coming months.
Sarah, who hails from Derbyshire and has run a number of other pubs, had never visited Brigg before her decision to come and work here.
"I think it's a lovely, lovely town and has lovely, lovely people," she told Brigg Blog. "They are so friendly!
"Everybody has been so nice and friendly to a stranger."
Sarah has been busy doing her homework, visiting other licensed premises within the town centre, though she stresses she doesn't see them as competition.
She has already picked up on the fact that Brigg's pubs all have differences in what they offer.
We first met her at the Britannia, on Wrawby Street, where she has struck up a friendship with landlord Shane Garrett and his staff.
Sarah has already made some positive changes at 'The Woolie' with others in the pipeline.
She is keen to attract many more paying guests - business people/workers, tourists and casual visitors - to occupy the nine upstairs bedrooms available at reasonable rates.
"Bookings are coming in," she told us.
Allied to that, and of benefit to locally-living customers as well as residents of her on-suite rooms, is a plan to make food available within the next few weeks.
She is keen to introduce a familiar favourite - reasonably-priced basket meals, including chicken, plus burgers and pizzas - but "with a new twist."
Food will be available to customers throughout the day and will be prepared using new air fryers.
For those more interested in enjoying a pint or three, "happy hours" are now operating, Sunday to Friday, noon to 5pm.
Current prices on offer include Smiths bitter £1.95p, Strongbow cider £2.10p and Fosters lager at £2.40p.
People wanting to inquire about food, bookings and events can get in touch in the following ways:
Telephone 079335 13826 or 01652 408182
Via the Woolpack Hotel's Facebook page.
PICTURED: Sarah Hardy at the Woolpack. Featured is one of the on-suite guest rooms on the first floor, overlooking the Market Place.