Thursday, May 09, 2019


The 200th anniversary of the best-known landmark in Brigg - the Buttercross - is coming up on Saturday, June 29, with Brigg Heritage Centre organising a celebratory event.
We are sure that North Lincolnshire Council will also be marking this milestone, as it now manages the grade two listed Buttercross in the Market Place.
The Elwes family - land and property owners - were instrumental in the building's creation.
It took a couple of years to complete and opened in 1819.
The ground floor was once open and used for the sale of produce, including butter and eggs.
The first floor saw functions and events and later became the town hall, housing Brigg Urban District Council staff for many decades until circa 1970 when offices were established on Cary Lane.
When local government reorganisation did away with the UDC in 1974, management of the Buttercross passed to Glanford Borough Council. North Lincolnshire Council then took over in 1996.
The award-winning Tourist Information Centre now operates at ground level, with functions, events and meetings taking place on the upper floor which is tastefully decorated with chandeliers providing illumination.
Lady Diana, The Princess of Wales, visited the Buttercross twice, with plaques duly unveiled.
The one near the main entrance was recently refurbished by North Lincolnshire Council, as was the renowned clock tower above - still used by many Brigg folk for time-checking purposes despite the advance of technology in the mobile phone era.

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Ken Harrison said...

I'm slightly confused here, Nige.
Valid history info, even your own, Brief History of Brigg' on the Brigg Town Council's site dates the Buttercross to 1817.
Are we celebrating its 'official', or its 'finished furbishment' opening?