Sunday, May 19, 2019


Crowds in Brigg town centre on the night  the Christmas Lights were switched on

Should overspill car parking be made available in Brigg during major events?
This question comes to mind have read comments posted recently on social media by a number of local folk, following the well-attended Brigg Live Arts Festival.
The Old Courts Road car park could not cope with demand on the day, leading to suggestions that overspill parking should be made available elsewhere.
Ideas include North Lincolnshire Council's staff car park behind Hewson House, on Station Road, and Health Place, off Wrawby Road.
Brigg Blog supports both of these, but adds a simpler solution: put up temporary signs on the A18 pointing people to the extensive area of open space adjoining the railway station.
Dozens of cars could be accommodated without any policing/stewarding being required.
Simple signs at the beginning of Station Road, near the council offices, could then direct drivers and passengers along Queen Street or down Bigby Street.
Some marked-out car parking spaces are already available near Hewson House beside Station Road.
But few drivers visiting from neighbouring towns and villages will know that, so temporary signs are vital along the A18.
Station Road is floodlit as far as the railway station, so perhaps it will be possible to use this area for overspill parking during the Christmas lights switch/on later this year.
Elf and safety at the council should be asked to look into that without delay, we suggest.
It's very off-putting for drivers who come to Brigg to support our major events and then find it difficult, or impossible, to park because of heavy demand for spaces.
We don't want even one of them to say "never again" and pass over opportunities to make return visits to the town.
Brigg Town Council has a group that will be looking at arrangements for the major Christmas event which the authority manages.
We hope this group will discuss our suggestion in the not-too-distant future.

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