Sunday, May 06, 2018


Brigg Blog would like to extend a public thank-you to the Call Connect community bus service for going well beyond the call of duty.
Two of us were delayed on a train returning from Lincoln to Barnetby station where we'd arranged to be picked up by Call Connect.
A mobile phone call made from the train saying we were going to miss the connection resulted in them "holding" the bus for some time until we arrived.
It then took us back to Brigg for a fare of a couple of quid.
The Lincoln-Barnetby train ride was delayed by problems with a culvert near one of the  tracks.
Our diesel unit had to reverse at North Kelsey and then run 'wrong line' as far as Wrawby Junction and Barnetby.
Network Rail had a mobile manager on the scene to oversee this very unusual and complicated procedure.
And we owe him our thanks, too, for getting us back to Brigg  as planned that Wednesday afternoon.
Our train actually pulled into North Kelsey station for a time.
Was it the first to do so since it closed in the late 1960s?
From the train we could see the picturesque cricket ground used by the Nettleton Mines and later South Kelsey clubs.
We went there many times, decades ago, for away games with Brigg Town Cricket Club.

A freight train passing through Barnetby station on the day we experienced delays but Call Connect came to the rescue.

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