Wednesday, May 23, 2018


We think the dozen-or-so cyclists we saw recently in Brigg town centre were not locals.
It could be they were taking part in a sponsored event for charity.
If so, we hope they enjoyed their late spring visit to our town and that they raised a tidy sum.
Apologies if our shouted warning: "This is a pedestrian area!" startled them as they rode past us from the County Bridge into the Market Place.
A few minutes later we were walking along Wrawby Street and saw a car being driven towards Cross Street - again within the pedestrian-only zone.
Those who visit our town centre on foot will be able to come up with many such incidents they have witnessed.
Brigg Blog has raised this problem time and time again over many years but little or no action seems to be taken against the culprits.
Shoppers should not need to step aside to make way for cycles, cars, vans and lorries that do not have a valid reason for being ridden or driven in the pedestrian area.
So we again call on North Lincolnshire Council and Humberside Police to get to grips with this issue. PLEASE!

ABOVE: A warning notice on the County Bridge informing cyclists to dismount as they prepare to enter the Market Place.

BELOW: No vehicles are permitted in the pedestrian zone except those being driven by permit holders and for LOADING.