Sunday, May 13, 2018


Three trees can be felled in the Brigg Conservation Area, North Lincolnshire Council has ruled.
Following notice of intent being given by a resident for trees at Merivale, on Bigby Road, the council decided not to make Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) in this case. So the work can proceed.
A council report concluded:
Yew: a poor quality specimen tree. Not worthy of a TPO.
Holly: twin-stemmed, ivy-covered tree of garden quality only.
Cherry: small, insignificant tree of garden quality.
The report added a recommendation: "None of these trees is worthy of a TPO - allow the works to go ahead."
A two-year time limit has been put in place for the job to be completed.
Brigg Town Council's Planning & Environment raised no objections to the felling and there were no comments  received from members of the public.
Town councillors, meeting in the Angel Suite, heard that the trees were close to the house and blocking light to the property.

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