Friday, December 10, 2010


Brigg station should be getting its normal three Saturday trains calling in each direction tomorrow, linking us with Grimsby/Cleethorpes, Gainsborough, Retford and Sheffield. What do you think the chances are?


Ken Harrison said...


After a heavy day at Cleethorpe's seaside, a very tired passenger ask the conductor to give him a nudge before the train got to Brigg.
After a while, the passenger woke up at Sheffield....and he let rip at the conductor.
After the commotion was over, a lady said to the conductor,
'How could you just stand there and be so insulted by that man?'
'That's nothing', replied the conductor, 'you should have heard the guy I chucked off at Brigg!'

Ken Harrison said...

If we had thought, we could have built hundreds of snowmen on the platform, Scribs.
We then could have told the engine driver that they were frozen passengers who'd been waiting days for a train service.
Do you think it could have worked?

Now there's an idea about your Brigg sculpture, Nige.
Erect Lowry stick-type figures about the station.
How about geting school-kids making protoype ones out of cardboard - add a few bikes and a pretend dog....and folks will flock to Brigg for a butchers.


What price progress, Ken? Steam locomotives - little changed in basic design since Victorian times - would have no problem coping with the current heavy snowfalls. Whereas modern, lightweight diesel units, with their shutdown safety mechanisms, cannot.

Ken Harrison said...

Mass/weight equation...or the notion that the heavier the weight - assuming contact area remains constant, gives more probs, Scribs.

All they have to do is to ensure the line goes downhill.

Dead easy to resolve when you know how, Nige.

Next problem?