Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Definite cause unknown, but we can all make an educated guess: Tree down in the centre of the car park between Lidl's store and the row of shops in Spring's Parade. It was probably planted circa 1981/2 when this area was developed on part of the site once owned by the famous jam factory.
Expect more trees to suffer the same fate in Brigg.

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Ken Harrison said...

....plus burst pipes - particularly when it thaws;
slates/tiles and guttering torn down when snow slabs decide they've had enough of pitched roofs;
pools of standing water/flooding, particularly if the snow thaws quickly;
non-hardy garden plants curl their toes up;
pavement slabs - tall plants - some structures made unsafe as freeze/thaw action affect their foundations; wall facing bricks break-up (spalling); wild animal survival grossly affected

Further afield: cliffs and embankments slump as exposed frozen surfaces become sodden with deluges of flood run-off; people trampled on by mammoths looking in bins for food!