Tuesday, December 14, 2010


By Ken Harrison

I appreciate more severely cold weather is to come, but possibly the greatest snow blizzards that Brigg and district have suffered for generations have now subsided - fingers crossed.
However, has anyone officially been and undertaken a post-storm damage exercise and assessed the exposure of the public to any potentially dangerous and lingering condition?
I am aware of a number of burst pipes flooding premises; indeed, the RSPCA charity shop has had to close temporarily for such a reason. Looking through the charity shop's window - unfortunately, it's more akin to the water-tub than a retail outlet. However, these types of incidents, although distressing, are confined and have been made safe for third-parties.
Nevertheless, walking about Brigg's shopping mall, look up and there's the odd bit of guttering hanging loose; various slates precariously balanced - each a target of the glacial-like friction as snow sheared off the roof.
All we need now perhaps is some heavy rain, a moderate wind and the 'precariously balanced' could become the focus of the dropping zones in front of the shopping facades.
Some official urgency is needed to assess, make aware and, if necessary, ensure that those responsible take remedial action before, possibly, some happy Christmas shopper becomes an innocent victim of foreign bodies falling from height.

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Ken Harrison said...

It's interesting to note that some loose slates that I spied overhanging a roof's parapet in the middle of Brigg have now disappeared. There are still some dodgy slates on the edge of the roof, so where have the slates, which were hanging on by sheer gritty determination gone?
Perhaps once the snow heaps along Wrawby St thaw, we will find some relics of Welsh fossils!