Friday, December 31, 2010


By Ken Harrison

I thought North Lincolnshire Council's Planning Department had assured us that the Tesco application's 'Comments By' date would be extended. Despite assurances, it (the online planning portal) is still showing the 3rd Jan 2011 - a Bank Holiday! If NLC's planners say it's because of the disruption of the festive season and they haven't had time, then the same disruptive circumstances apply to those people who would like to comment. It was for this very reason that NLC was asked to extend the date to, at least, the other side of the Brigg Town Council's open meeting when the application is to be discussed.
And what's happened to Lidl? There was a big thing about Tesco and Lidl making 'combined' applications. These juxtaposed applications would have been helpful in debating the whole scheme of we have fragmentation, hesitation and a lack of clarity of 'it is, it isn't!'

NF adds: We have invited North Lincolnshire Council to comment on what Ken says and to explain why the date has not been changed on the planning website. We will report any reply received.

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