Monday, December 20, 2010


International interest in Brigg Blog continues apace. Hits for the past four weeks show the following top 10 countries:

United Kingdom 6,179
United States 466
Netherlands 259
Germany 121
Russia 115
Saudi Arabia 110
Spain 86
Ukraine 76
Australia 42
New Zealand 34

The most popular stories of the past month, in terms of hits, are:
LAST POST - no postal collections to many Brigg households during the snow.
SHED ON DRAWING BOARD - commercial planning application.

Pageviews today - 197 (up to 6.45pm Monday)
Pageviews yesterday - 169
Pageviews last month - 7,876.

Source of figures: Google.

NF adds: Many thanks to all our followers - local, elsewhere in the UK and abroad - for their support. It is appreciated. Keep posting those comments!


Ken Harrison said...

My New Year's Proposition is to write less in Brigg Blog.

This follows numerous requests from Brigg folk - 'Write less, or else!'

It's nice to see that such kind folk are concerned with my health and welfare.

Ps Special mention to Georgio Mafia in Saudi - It's lovely and freezing here - minus 10, very crip - trees all white in haw-frost. Very picturesque - aesthetically ideal - looks like traditional Christmas card image.
I don't know how you stand that constant hot temperature - Happy Crimbo - enjoy your camel burgers with stuffing.

GeordieMafia said...

Merry Christmas to Scribs and Ken.
Camel burgers are very tasty, British Embassy has already held our Christmas party and Saturday 25th of December is just that, another working day. Will be having Chicken and trimmings though and a good helping of +20'C. Cold, frost, snow .... have checked the local dictionary and there's no entry for these but I have seen plenty of pictures from home to remind me of what I'm missing.
Happy New Year to all Brigg blog followers wherever you are!!!

Ken Harrison said...

.......GM - ta!
Chicken and stuffing with Coke/7Up is not quite the same!!
Even Scribs has saved up for a
'Value' bottle of cider - while the rest (assuming we're not driving) of us will be decantering a few bottles of wine.

Have been watching a lunar eclipse this a.m. - 21st December, Winter Soltice - Shortest Day - my daughter + fam, still trapped at Dublin airport --- blinking heck everything's happening at once!!

Anyway, bottoms-up and cheers....keep cool.


I now have all my supplies - food and drink - stored away for Christmas. Last night was so cold in Brigg that cans of beer outside the back door were colder than being in the freezer section of the fridge.

Ken Harrison said...

.......and some folks sell sale fridges to the Eskimoes* to keep their tubes of lager warm.

* Before someone tries to correct me, 'Eskimo' is the proper generic term.
There is a present misconception that 'Inuit' should be used. However, Inuit eskimoes are the ethnic group that inhabit N. Americas....other ethnic groups exists in Siberia and the Bering Sts., such as Yupik and Alutiit.

As most TV programmes seen in UK are about N.American eskimoes, then 'Inuit' would be correct...but when referring to the range of ethnic groups then 'Eskimo' remains the generic term.

Learn this for homework and I test you later, Nige.


Inuit? Isn't that the phrase many young ladies now use to punctuate many of their sentences, Ken? Was it coined by the TV comedy character Vicky Pollard, or did he/she merely give the phrase a wider audience? At school, Ken, did you learn the ditty Eskimo Nell?

Ken Harrison said...

Look, Scribs...less of your cheek.
As for the ballad of 'Eskimo Nell' - I co-wrote it.

By primary school, I'd got all my mates chanting it....even the headmaster sang a few solo verses during assemblies.
I'd convinced him that it was a love story, on par with Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story.
At my tender age, I wasn't very good with geography, ...and got a bit muddled with Mexican Pete, the Rio Grande and the Arctic

'...When a man grows old and his hands grow cold.....And the tip of your nose turns blue'..

...not certain whether 'hands' and 'nose' were in me original's been a long time since I visited 'Eskimo Nell'.

Deadeyed Dick



Greetings from a cold Brigg Blogger to the seasonally warm Geordie.

GeordieMafia said...

Ken - Did you hear about the psychic eskimo??
Inuit all !!!!
There's one from the Christmas Cracker collection