Wednesday, December 08, 2010


We haven't seen a letter in our letterbox for a week now. Could be no-one wants to write to us, but, like most Brigg households, we are the recipient of much junk mail, so that's unlikely.
However, the gallant paper delivery boys, and girls, keep getting through, day after day. On Saturday I observed one young fella pushing a shopping trolley, loaded with papers, along Yarborough Road. The trolley idea didn't seem to be very successful, in view of the close proximity of wheels to ice and snow, and it was hard going, but he was sticking to the job in hand. It would have made a good picture - and if we'd been reporting this 10 or more years ago we'd have taken one of him to show you. But these days, even if you are an accredited member of the press (with a card showing police chiefs in the UK recognise you as such) taking pix of children can land you in hot water.
It's a sad fact of working life and a sad reflection on how society has developed.


Ken Harrison said...

We post our mail in a postbox......Americans mail their post in a mail-box!


I have an American-style metal letterbox. Can't remember why.