Friday, December 31, 2010


North Lincolnshire Council announces: "Revellers in Scunthorpe who need help or are taken ill over the New Year will again be offered assistance at a temporary Safe Haven in the town centre."
North Lincolnshire's Coun Darrell Barkworth, from Scunthorpe, said: "This is a fantastic initiative aimed at helping pub and club goers in need over the Christmas and New Year period. It's proved a success in the past and I'm pleased that we are able to offer this vital service once more."
Very commendable indeed.
And those revellers in need in Brigg.....?

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Ken Harrison said...

'.....I've never heard of getting over-intoxicated as 'taken ill' before....
......'feeling like death' the next morning,ok, - but 'taken ill' makes it sound like a mild case of the wind!

We don't need a 'Safe Haven' in Brigg - we've got them already - Black Bull, The Brit, White Horse to name a few.

Anyway, the over-riding rule about Brigg is that if anyone is... 'taken ill', they still need to buy a round before being allowed to crawl off.

If you can't take it - lay off the sherbert. The 'safe haven' should be our own responsibility.

HAPPY (Soberish) NEW YEAR FOR 2011