Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Recently, while most housing estate roads in Brigg were still caked with snow and ice, I followed a bus down St Helen's Road. It was one of those subsidised "shopping day" buses which operate a service round some of our estates. There weren't many passengers aboard, but I'll bet those who got off in Yarborough Road with their carrier bags were very glad of the service. We very much hope that when the next review is carried out by the council, this contract will be renewed with the relevant bus company. We can't recall the service receiving recent publicity and wonder how many Brigg homes know of its existence. With many newcomers (or incomers) to the town in recent years, perhaps it would merit another campaign by the council.
Brigg Blog will be delighted to run the full timetable, if the council thinks that would help. Just email us the details. And we'll gladly do it free of charge!

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