Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Yet to buy my Christmas beer, I like to support our local shops when stocking up. Anyone got any pointers? R & B off-licence, Spring's Parade, will be hard to beat on bottled real ale at 99p; go to Lidl for the famed Perly-B bottled German lager at six bottles for a fiver. But where do you advise for a good deal on cans in multi-packs? Recommendations will be welcome over the next few days. Especially if you can save me a few quid. Remember: It's the festive season. Come on, don't be shy!

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Ken Harrison said...

Ever thought of buying yourself a home-brew kit, Scribs?

Why not try these:

'The Scribbler' - puts lead in yer pencil, but extinguishes the fire!

'Nige's Blog Shot' - repeats daily at a variety of events! Often commented upon.

'Scoop's Revenge' - bowls yer over; puts you in the gully and leaves you feeling silly! After a few, there's often a fine slip between glass and lips.

'Brigg's OutCider' - the rough and tumble of a drinking experience! Tends to develop fixed facial characteristics - naturally recoverable after 10 to 14 days of abstinance.

For Christmas, I'll get yer some bungs to add to your brewing kit, Scribs.