Saturday, December 04, 2010


Brigg's Saturday general market continued today - but only just and without the benefit of stalls from North Lincolnshire Council. One enterprising, regular trader was selling fruit and veg to the public direct from the van. Brigg posties are out again delivering the mail, which is a good sign of a thaw, however brief, while a pool of clear water has appeared in the ice near the County Bridge - good news for the ducks and seagulls.
Surely it would be advisable for the Environment Agency to run off as much water as possible from the River Ancholme into the Humber while there's time. For once the thaw really kicks in, thousands of tonnes of snow in the Ancholme valley will melt and although some will be absorbed by farmland, the rest has just one eventual destination. Anglers are sometimes heard to bleat about loss of freshwater fish into the Humber at South Ferriby when such exercises are undertaken. If so, that's a shame. But let's be prepared for all that meltwater and ensure no flooding follows.

The frozen River Ancholme this morning - either side of the County Bridge.

Ducks and seagulls congregating in a small pool in the ice, near an outflow.

North Lincolnshire Council workmen and tractors in the Market Place this morning. There's a clear path along Wrawby Street, with snow either side.

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