Monday, December 13, 2010


Following Brigg Blog's weekend post which outlined North Lincolnshire Council's instructions on preparing your various household bins for collection, we've been out this morning, cleared a patch of pavement and positioned the bins in the right order, facing the correct way to make it easier for the operatives.
We've joined with neighbours to clear some of the snow and ice at the end of the close and a look down the street this morning confirms there are no parked cars to block the way for council collection vehicles. We have also checked to ensure our bin lids are not frozen shut (see final photo).
Having fulfilled all council requirements, we eagerly await tomorrow's collection, as will all other Brigg households.
PS We weren't sure about the burgandy bin (plastics and cardboard) so we've put that out just in case. We've also noted the council's announcement that brown bins (garden waste, tea bags, etc) are off the collection list until the new year, which is fair enough. We've never really understood the need to collect brown bins so often in the winter and autumn when garden plants and grass don't grow.


gmsmith said...

All hail the council workmen who cleared the paths on Springbank Avenue . However , they shovelled the snow into the parking spots that had been previously clearerd by residents to enable them to park on the road. Where cars were already parked they left the footpath complete with snow and ice . Thus creating a walkway that had stretches of snow and ice and inorder to avoid said hazards the route to walk on the road was blocked by snow and ice shovelled into the road. Madness . Now I know how Scott felt .

gmsmith said...

I wonder if Oates actually only went to put the burgundy bin out ?


Would that be Brigg's own John Noel Oates?