Friday, December 31, 2010


When Brigg Blog posted a recent picture (reproduced below) of the branch that had come down on the Spring's Parade car park during the rough weather, we used the headline Woodman Spare That Tree. We didn't realise at the time that the whole tree would have to be removed, not just the fallen foliage (see picture above, taken yesterday). It's always sad to see a tree in a prominent position in Brigg disappear. This one can't have been there all that long. We estimate it was planted in 1981/2 when the area was redeveloped for retail use from the former Spring's jam factory site.
Ashes to ashes, (saw) dust to dust... Or maybe it wasn't an ash.

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Ken Harrison said...

This raises a number of questions, Nige.
The demarcation of Brigg Conservation Ares to nearby trees may be unclear at the moment. Certainly,the bookies and I assume the RSPCA charity shop are within the CA...but does such a boundary extend to mature trees in Springs Parade. For example is the Princess Di's tree protected either by a Tree Preservsation Order, or being in, in in proximity to the CA?
But there's another aspect that could enter the equation.
Tesco have presented NLC with an application to relocate their store.
According to NLC any application that could affect mature trees has to be assessesed and the authority needs to be given the opportunity to place a TPO on any tree, under threat, that is regarded as an important landscape feature.

Does an application under consideration offer protection to trees on a site until the authority has (which it has a duty to do so) been able to inspect and assess whether individual tree require permanent protection by a TPO?

And it may be worth noting that any individual can apply for a TPO on a tree - someone may have considered doing that before the so-called closing date 3rd Jan.

Was the tree removed because it was dangerous, or because it was inconvenient?

Questions need to be pursued and answered.