Friday, May 22, 2020


Recent Brigg Blog quizzes about pubs and shops having been well read, today we offer one about people in the town - past and present.
See how you get on with the questions and after attempting all 15 scroll down to find the answers.

1. Music-loving former local MP; following election to Parliament, he  reached No 7 but in the Market Pace - not the charts!

2. The first elected Freeman of Brigg as well as youth worker and long-serving councillor with a more than Fair singing voice.

3. Manager who led Brigg Town Football Club to glory down Wembley Way in May 1996.

4. Former long-serving landlord of the White Horse pub whose surname fits well with Happy Hours.

5. Hotel owner who finally put the story of Winston Churchill's secret Brigg visit 'to bed' by showing Brigg Blog where the WW2 Prime Minister stayed the nigh in 1944.

6. Last headmaster of Brigg Grammar School and then Sir John Nelthorpe's first. Pencil in his surname, if you can.

7. Known as the oldest winger in town, this fun-loving veteran footballer played alongside Kevin Keegan in the late 1960s for Scunthorpe United Reserves.

8. Famous land and property owning family - putting us on the right road during trips to Cadney.

9. Former town clerk - honoured at Court and with the OBE. His name lives at an annual ceremony rewarding voluntary service in Brigg.

10. Glanford Hospital boss and councillor who fitted the Bill when the circus came to town.

11. By George! Community leader, WW2 Navy veteran and Newlands shop owner; a Brigg office block still carries his name.

12. Councillor Terry paved the Way for Brigg industrial development. A Lidl thinking might help job your memory!

13. So simple! Restaurateur who tasted success with his place on Bridge Street.

1. Ian Cawsey
2. Tom Glossop
3. Ralph 'Raz' Clayton
4. Tom Merriman
5. Joe Mullen
6. H. B. Williams
7. Col Mumby
8. Elwes
9. Joseph Magrath
10. Bill Smart
11. George Hewson
12. Terry Atherton
13. Simon Ho