Sunday, May 31, 2020


More Brigg businesses will be reopening their doors in June - accompanied by an important Covid-19 message from the authorities.
Red-for-danger warning signs about the need to observe social distancing have gone up across the town centre.
As things get busier, queues outside shops on Wrawby Street will need to form alongside the front of business premises rather than spreading across the pedestrian area, as is often the case at present. The same applies to cashpoints.
This is necessary to ensure that approaching pedestrians do not have to detour their way around queues in order to observe the required distance.

Red warning signs stretch as far as the Monument roundabout.
People are using the public seating on East Park and the Tintab shelter
However, it is going to be some time before there's any chance of folk congregating outside the front of the Britannia Inn or any other licensed premises in Brigg.

It's to be hoped that placing a Covid-19 warning sign in the County Bridge - directly below the one about cyclists needing to dismount in the pedestrian area - results in many more riders complying with the regulations than is currently the case.

Distancing signage is also on display at the town's railway station which, even in normal times, only sees a few passengers using its sparse Saturdays-only service.
Over the weekend we observed several vehicles parked together on paving within the town centre - next to one of the signs about distancing!