Sunday, November 17, 2019


Brigg Blog expects a sizeable number of local people who hold opinions about local issues to apply for places on a new consultative forum to be launched early next year.
Hundreds of people are to be signed up and "will help identify priorities and shape future developments."

If this appeals, express your interest NOW!


Residents in North Lincolnshire can now register their interest in joining the ‘Residents’ Panel’ to have their say on living in the area.
The online panel is due to launch in early 2020 and will be made up of local people who the council will contact to get a better understanding of residents’ views on local issues.
Panel members will be sent regular surveys asking for views on a range of topics. Members will be regularly updated on how the results are being used to shape and improve local services.
Around 1,500 people will be recruited from across North Lincolnshire to join the consultative body of local people. Members will help identify priorities and shape future developments.
The panel members, who will be periodically refreshed, will be invited to take part in a rolling programme of research and consultation including regular surveys, focus groups and workshops.
To register your interest in joining the Residents’ Panel, go to
Anybody who is aged 16 or above and lives in North Lincolnshire can apply to join the panel.
To ensure that the panel is representative of North Lincolnshire’s diverse population, acceptance onto the panel is not automatic. People will be contacted in early 2020 to let them know if they have been accepted or not. Anyone who is not accepted will be added to a reserve list.
People whose work brings them in to contact with North Lincolnshire residents’ can also help by supporting the promotion of the panel as widely as possible. Further details are available by emailing
NF ADDS: The council's website says everyone who applies to join will be entered into a FREE prize draw and that you could win an Apple iPad.

Picture above showing the A18 and Brigg town centre courtesy of Neil Stapleton.

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Ken Harrison said...

Before we venture towards proposals and propositions for the future, could we have an evaluation of the aims and objectives that are summarized in the Brigg 2020 proposals.
This exercise too involved the wide community over many months and before we prematurely probe the future, there is a need to review the past...have the 2020 objective been achieved? if not, why not......let's not plan for new curtains, before we've decorated the lounge and filled those cracks in the walls!!