Monday, November 04, 2019


It's good to see that an historic Brigg brewery which produced its last batch of beer 95 years ago is not forgotten.
Sutton Bean, which closed in 1924, not only brewed beer and operated as wine merchants but also owned and operated a substantial number of pubs across northern Lincolnshire.
The Britannia Inn is still going on the original site, while the former brewery tower was converted to residential accommodation some years ago (see picture below).
Now a nearby town house - fronting Bigby Street and pictured above - is being refurbished and has been given the name Sutton Bean to reflect the historic link. 
Dating back to 1857 it adjoins the original brick archway which is still used today to deliver full barrels of beer to the Britannia and take away the empties. The arch also offers pedestrian access to and from the rear of the pub.
An interesting Facebook page called Suttonandbean has been established, featuring pictures of the house refurb as it takes shape.
View it through this link...