Saturday, February 08, 2020


North Lincolnshire Council plans to alter the front entrance of the Angel building in Brigg town centre.
However, this proposed new feature within the Conservation Area has been designed at 90 degrees to the Market Place to it does not detract from the appearance of the landmark.
A formal planning application, seeking the necessary permission, has now be submitted by a North Lincolnshire property services officer based at Hewson House, Brigg. The council owns and operates the Angel.
A design statement accompanying the application says the new entry door will be situated at the front of the building and provide direct access into the ground floor of the existing library.
"However, the new door is not placed directly on the main North elevation of the front facade," the report says, "the door is to be placed within the entrance tunnel and set back from facing the street.
"The new door will utilise an existing window opening by removing the lower section of wall to create a door opening. The new entrance door also provide additional escape from the building."
The council is now seeking planning permission for internal alterations, erecting a canopy at the rear and formulating a new opening within the arch canopy, including associated works.
A consultation date of February 19 has been set for this application. Anyone with views can write to North Lincolnshire Council at its headquarters in Church Square, Scunthorpe, post a comment on the planning portal at or contact by email.

Brigg Blog has taken a 'today' picture of the frontage as it now looks (above) and one showing where the new entrance is planned (below - on the right).

The reasons why the council plans to alter the Angel are outlined in the planning application Design & Access Report.
It states: "The project is to amalgamate the building within the site of the Angel to provide improved leisure services, including a library, multi-use provisions for community use including, heath, well-being, education and a drop down work-zone for staff within North Lincolnshire Council."
The objectives are:

  • To improve access into the building
  • To improve the user experience of the existing library facilities.
  • To provide multi-use spaces within the building for community use.  
  • To reduce the council’s revenue costs via the more efficient use of resources - primarily attributable to building running costs and outgoing rent.
  • To utilise facilities at the Angel more effectively, and encourage users from the adult community.
The Angel building is NOT grade one or grade two listed, but it is within the Brigg Conservation Area.
The council report says: "It is intended that any new design elements will be sympathetic to the existing building and surrounding buildings."