Sunday, February 02, 2020


The new Aldi store's exit and entrance is a Brigg talking point at present.
People are wondering what provision will be made for customers leaving the Bridge Street store by car and how the flow of traffic on the A18 will be maintained once it opens for business. Preliminary construction work is now well under way, although Aldi has yet to announce an opening date for the store later this year. There is no sign, as yet, of any road improvements near the store entrance.
Coun Penny Smith sought an update during Brigg Town Council's latest meeting, held on Monday (January 27).
Coun Carl Sherwood, a cabinet member for North Lincolnshire Council which is the local highway authority, replied that Aldi was now undertaking groundworks rather than store construction.
"There will be a roundabout - a mini one," he added.
Coun Nigel Sherwood, chairman of North Lincolnshire Council's planning committee which gave Aldi's store the green light many months ago, pointed out that if road improvements, including line-painting, had already taken place these could well have been damaged by heavy construction vehicles visiting the site.
When granting planning permission for the new store back in 2016, various detailed conditions were put in place by the North Lincolnshire authority "in the interests of highway safety" and for other reasons.
Condition 19 required written details to be submitted to the council for approval in respect of the following:
"The method of constructing the proposed new roundabout feature, including any kerb realignment, pedestrian crossing points with refuge islands to both the north and south sides of Bridge Street, carriageway and footway construction, lining, signing and tactile paving."
Also included was "the provision of the pedestrian crossing point to the western side of the site frontage on Bridge Street."
In granting approval, the council stipulated: "The proposed new store shall not be brought into use until all works approved under condition 19 have been completed and subjected to a stage 3 safety audit."
Brigg Blog recently contacted North Lincolnshire Council and a spokesperson for the authority replied: "An application has been received to formally discharge the planning conditions. This is still under consideration."
Aldi's current list of new stores mentions a number that will be opening this year across the UK.
Some are "coming soon" while others will follow in the summer.
One in West Lothian is listed to open in September 2020, while another in Preston will serve its first shoppers in the autumn. Brigg has yet to appear but we'll be keeping a close eye on the list.

PICTURED ABOVE: The current A18 road layout on Bridge Street, with the site of the Aldi store away to the right on the other side of the fence.