Sunday, February 09, 2020



It's a sad fact that some Brigg 'street furniture' suffers at the hands of vandals from time to time or is struck by passing vehicles.
However, an unusual source of damage to some benches has now been outlined.
The pair at the top of Old Courts Road have suffered as a result of tree sap dripping on to them, Coun Rob Waltham observed during the Town Council's latest meeting. (Note the picture above taken later by Brigg Blog).
Public seating in the town centre now looks set to be refurbished or perhaps, in some cases replaced, in the months ahead.
The condition of benches needed looking at, Coun Rob Waltham suggested to this colleagues.
Coun Ann Eardley agreed, saying some of seats actually 'bowed' when people sat on them.
This topic is expected to be discussed in more detail at a future meeting.
It might well prove possible to re-stain some of the benches and repair missing or damaged panels. But will some prove to be beyond economic repair?
Brigg Town Council carried out a successful audit of all litter bins across the town last year. So perhaps, in due course, a similar survey will be considered for benches.

Benches at the top of Old Courts Road near the A18 junction.

Public seating in the Market Place, near the Buttercross, February 2020.