Sunday, February 16, 2020


Coun Carl Sherwood mentioned the forthcoming Great British Spring Clean during Brigg Town Council's latest meeting.
He's also a member of the decision-taking cabinet at North Lincolnshire Council, and the unitary authority has now furnished us with further details...

Be part of the pick – join the Great British Spring Clean in North Lincolnshire


Litter heroes in North Lincolnshire are being called on to take part in this year’s Great British Spring Clean between 20 March and 13 April 2020.
The biggest ever litter campaign gives people the opportunity to get involved in cleaning up their community and country to really make a difference.
North Lincolnshire Council has backed the campaign for many years to encourage people to get outdoors, get active and help clear up rubbish that lives around communities.
Local people, community groups, charities, sports clubs, businesses and town and parish councils in North Lincolnshire are being called on to join in the big clean up. Join the growing army of ‘litter heroes’ who have had enough of other people’s litter and want to take action against it.
Last year’s Great British Spring Clean in North Lincolnshire saw around 400 volunteers from 40 groups collect over 1,000 large bin bags full of rubbish.
The mass clean-up is about people demonstrating that they love where they live – whether that’s by pledging to pick while walking the dog or taking the kids to school, hosting a clean-up or joining a group clean-up.
It also encourages people across the country to get together to clear up the litter that blights towns, villages, countryside and beaches – protecting wildlife and ultimately, stopping the tide of plastic that is doing so much damage to oceans and marine life.
Join the ever growing band of people who have had enough of other people’s litter, are willing to donate their time to help clear it up and want to see an end to littering.
If every adult picked up just one piece of litter and put it in a bin, that would be more than 50 million pieces of rubbish disposed of.
If you would like to get involved in the big clean up, get in touch with the council on 01724 297670 or email
The council can offer support including providing litter picking equipment and removing the rubbish you collect.
In addition to making the council aware, register your involvement online at

This will ensure that all clean-ups in North Lincolnshire are recognised and your clean-up is shown on the map along with others taking place up and down the country. You will also be able to download the guide, get advice and tips.
Share your litter picks using the hashtag #GBSpringClean
The Great British Spring Clean is led by Keep Britain Tidy.
NF adds: Brigg Town Council, and others, organise periodic litter-picking sessions which Brigg Blog is always happy to publicise in advance to assist in attracting volunteers.

PICTURED: Brigg litter-pickers with bags of rubbish following a collection session in the town. Image courtesy of Ken Harrison, Brigg Matters magazine.


Ken Harrison said...

One can only go so far litter-picking for others....methinks there now is a need for community education to reduce folks dropping litter in the first place.
Let's have some incentive scheme...a free drink token if someone picks up six pieces of litter....litter-patrols reminding folks not to drop litter....without a fundamental change in behaviour, volunteers will endlessly be going out on litter picks.......

Mike Creese said...

Litter picking however, when carried out by ordinary Brigg town folk, enthusiastic about keeping our town and river clean and free from plastics and other rubbish is a great place to start! If we can get our local businesses onboard as well to help clear some of the commercial rubbish that ends up in the street we will be making real progress.

There are numerous reasons why we end up with littered streets: full bins, fast food packaging, litter thrown from cars and parked HGV's, and rubbish blown around the town in the high winds.

Changing behaviours will take time and effort, but I'm a great believer in positive people power - people working together to make change happen.

And, there has already been some improvement, the town centre looks pristine tonight, and that doesn't happen by chance. Well done to all who work to keep our town clean and tidy.