Sunday, February 23, 2020


A scheme to alter the landmark Angel building in Brigg Market Place has moved a step closer being carried out.
Meeting in the Angel Suite Lounge, Brigg Town Council's Planning & Environment Committee raised no objections to the proposal, having been consulted as part of the planning process.
The final decision will now be taken by North Lincolnshire Council planners at some point in the coming weeks.
North Lincolnshire Council's estates section has submitted a very detailed application to alter the Angel's front and rear entrances; it is also planned to make changes to the layout inside the building which provides considerable office space and houses the Heritage Centre, library and community hub.
Members of the Town Council's committee studied the proposals at length and viewed some of the technical drawings relating to the application which they viewed on a tablet computer.
Most of their discussions centred on the proposed front entrance.
It will be at a right angle to the current entrance - see our picture montage above.
Committee chairman Coun Brian Parker, Deputy Town Mayor, told colleagues it was planned to put the new front entrance where a window is currently located.
Town Mayor Coun Sharon Riggall noted "a lot of writing" on the relevant drawing supplied with the application, but noted: "It does not show how it is going to look."
The committee then turned its attentions to what the proposed new entry point will mean for people visiting the Angel.
At present, access is gained through the Cafe Courtyard. If the alterations are agreed, this will no longer be necessary.
Coun Riggall described the current arrangement through the eatery as "not ideal."
Coun Parker thought what was planned would prove better for people going to and from the library (on the ground floor) "rather than have to go through where people are eating."
Coun Jane Gibbons sought information about the changes planned inside the building through alterations to the layout.
The Town Council is surrendering its lease on the Angel Suite to North Lincolnshire Council, the owner of the building, including the main function room, kitchen, lounge and basement offices.
Town Clerk Dinah Lilley said the Town Council would be located at the front of the building behind the Angel carving.
After the committee had agreed to raise no objections to the planning application, the Town Mayor added: "We have had a good look at it."
The Angel, to many people's surprise, is not a listed building; however, it is within the Brigg Conservation Area and there are many other listed buildings nearby.
The public consultation period for this application ended on February 19.