Tuesday, February 04, 2020


New technology is helping to keep tabs on trolleys that are removed from supermarkets in Brigg, including Tesco, and end up being abandoned at various locations.
Town Clerk Dinah Lilley told Brigg Town Council's latest meeting that she had been to see the manager of the Tesco store about the trolley issue and had been alerted to the existence of a helpful 'App' called Trolleywise, which she had viewed.
It allows people who spot abandoned trolleys to report their location.
Arrangements are then put in place by Trolleywise (not the store) to collect the trolleys, refurbish them and offer them back to the owner.
It was pointed out during the meeting that other stores in Brigg provide shopping trolleys - not just Tesco.
Some trolleys in Brigg end up in the river, while others are sometimes to be seen a long way from the stores that own them. View more about Trolleywise through this link...

Following the meeting, the Town Clerk sent councillors further useful information about using the App, together with a couple of screensnaps (pictured above).
She advised: "If you spot a trolley abandoned anywhere, you open the App, click 'report trolley', photograph it, and you will be asked which shop it belongs to (if known) and whether it is in water, and the App then uploads the location of the trolley to the organisation which collects it, usually within a couple of days."


Ken Harrison said...

A more effective solution....an induction loop around Tesco boundary, which initiate coil on trolley and lock wheels.
It was going to be installed on the cancelled new store development.
By law, trolley owners are responsible to retrieving their trolleys....

Wearybanker said...

Most reviews Of this app on the App Store comment “good idea but it doesn’t work”. Surely the way forward is for Tesco to be public spirited and have an in store sign asking for errant trollies to be reported and respond to any reports by going to fetch them.