Sunday, February 09, 2020


Storm Ciara hit Brigg with tree-mendous force today (Sunday, February 9), bringing us some extreme weather. This dramatic picture was sent to us by Mark 'Pug' Neal - a Brigg Blog follower.
It shows a tree that came crashing down across Birch Avenue, on the Newlands housing estate.
Thankfully, the tree toppled in the direction of the road and not towards nearby properties.
Storm Ciara has been causing havoc across the UK, with trees felled, fences uprooted and buildings damaged by high winds.
Heavy showers have added to the misery for drivers and pedestrians.
We set off on foot across the town at lunch-time, having heard a tree was down on Newlands. Caught in a downpour, we were very grateful for a nearby bus shelter until things eased off. But, soaked to the skin, we decided to return home. So thanks again to Mark for sharing his picture.
We'll look to update this post with further images and weather-related news this afternoon.


1.30pm update: Damaged fencing is blocking the entrance to the area of public open space between York Road, Holme Close and the cemetery extension.

1.45pm update: The strength of the wind today can be gauged from this flag flying horizontally in a garden on St Helen's Road.  
1.50pm: Workmen are now on Birch Avenue, attending to the fallen tree. 
2pm: Council workmen reported to have cleared Birch Avenue of branches. 
2.06pm: Drivers encountering standing water at several points on the A18 in Brigg. Take care! 
2.16pm: North Lincolnshire Council has closed the Broughton household recycling centre earlier than planned today due to high winds.  

4pm: Ken Harrison, of Brigg Matters magazine, emailed us this picture and identified the stricken tree on Birch Avenue as being a mature silver birch. Brigg Blog wonder whether it was planted in the late 1930s while the Newlands estate was being developed by the Urban District Council. Can anyone confirm this?

Read more about damage caused by the storm through this link...

1 comment:

Ken Harrison said...

Interesting point about age, Nige.
Silver birch...not particularly long-lived...about 70 to 80 max.
Has anyone retained a cross-section to count rings?
Max height about 50' or 15m....
Suggest tree was planted in 1950s (assuming it would already be 10 years old when planted)
Is old age a factor in collapse? If so, other silver birch trees in area need to be checked as a matter of priority.