Friday, February 14, 2020


Now you see it,  now you don't, then you do! Brigg Blog is describing the Scawby Brook road sign on Bridge Street, passed by thousands of drivers on the A18 as they approach the New River Ancholme bridge and leave town for the adjoining hamlet.It has disappeared and re-appeared several times - for reasons yet to be explained.
The supporting framework has always stayed in place beside the main road, but not its all-important Scawby Brook information board.
Back in November 2018 we took another picture to show this nameboard being absent (it's in our image archive with auto-generated date attached via our digital camera).

Hopefully the sign will now regain some permanence so drivers heading west know they are leaving Brigg and entering Scawby parish.
Otherwise, non-locals at the wheel or on foot might well assume they are still in Brigg when they get to Scawby Road.
Land on the other side of this lengthy lane belongs to another parish entirely, and a roadside sign is still in place today, near the bridge, informing people that the Waters Edge housing estate is part of Broughton. A few rooftops can be seen in the distance on our picture.

Brigg Blog emailed North Lincolnshire Council, the local highway authority, seeking information about this road sign. We'll let you know if a reply is forthcoming.

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