Tuesday, January 09, 2018


In recent days there's been interesting discussion in Brigg about cycle lane use - or non-use.
One resident took to Facebook with what he called a little moan, asking: "Why are single cyclists not using the cycle path between Wrawby & Brigg?
"Again tonight, traffic was tailed back and moving slowly. When I finally reached the front it was one racing bike creating all the problems.
"Lycra does not mean you can't use the cycle path; it's there to prevent these traffic issues."
This view prompted a range of replies.
One comment said riders do NOT have to use cycle lanes where these have been provided by the council.
Another person suggested that after public money has been expended on safety grounds, riders ought to use the cycle lanes provided for them.
But someone else said: "Why shouldn't cyclists use the roads; they weren't just made for cars!"

Brigg Blog's view is unchanged. Cyclists belong on the roads and should not use paths,
Pure cycle lanes at the side of the highway are fine with us. But 50/50 sharing between riders and pedestrians, as we have between Brigg and Wrawby, makes us concerned about safety. Especially as some cyclists will be going at speed when they pass pedestrians and also when approaching drives with hedges and bushes either side which make it very difficult for reversing motorists and riders to see each other.
The ground markings that instruct who should be in which lane certainly need repainting, some having worn away down the years. In places it's no longer clear whether to walk on the left or the right.
Most cyclists and drivers are patient and considerate but there's a proportion within both factions who are neither.

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